/ MotdMod

Thanks for the Feedback!

Hey, everyone!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been asking a few of our users for feedback on our first product, MotdMod. Now, we’d like to share with you all some of your responses, as we received a wide range of positive feedback from our clients. For their privacy’s sake, we have omitted the names of the people who we spoke with.

One user noted “with the highest CPM rates for game server based ad providers and amazing fill rates, even with low traffic servers, it can’t be beat by any of the alternatives.” Another user reflected this, citing the payout rates and motd template modifier as positive features of the software.

A third user was more pleased with how responsive and active the development team is. Lastly, the fourth person we spoke with claimed “the entire experience with MotdMod has been great, from the client to the server plugin. It’s evident that the creators cared for an attention to detail.”

We want to thank everyone who provided us with feedback on MotdMod over the past few weeks. We appreciate your responses so far, and we look forward to continuing our development with your comments and suggestions.