Community Sales Hunter

Your Objective: Increasing the number of server operators using our software products

Method: Using a variety of communication tools and outreach methdologies, you will find community server operators and engage them in order to achieve your objective.


  • You should be familiar with the following:
  1. Online multiplayer gaming such as CS:GO, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress 2, Gary's Mod
  2. Gaming communication tools such as Discord and Teamspeak
  3. Knowledge of what it takes to run a game server ranging from game updates to community management
  • Comfortable with speaking over email, chat, and phone/skype

The Ideal Candidate: An individual who has been a dedicated server operator in the past who understands the challenges of running a dedicated server, speaks English flawlessly, and is able to operate independently with guidance and objectives to meet. The individual will know the basics of software and be familiar with commonly played games on Steam. The individual will be comfortable working remotely and is excited to work in this space.


  • Negotiable depending on skill and background of applicant. There will be a base hourly wage + commission.
  • Freelance gig currently (1099 employee)

Benefits: Growing startup that may turn a freelance gig into a full time job as it grows

Location: Remote

Desired Start Date: Immediately

Contact to apply!