Adding Value To PC Multiplayer Game Communities

OBEK Technologies, Inc was founded in the idea that gaming communities are only in the infancy of their potential. With modern technology, social media, and an ever improving game play experience, gaming communities enable a level of connection that rivals anything on other mediums.

How does OBEK increase the value to game communities?

By providing game communities with the tools that reduce the challenges of maintaining and running a community.

Too often the process of running and building a game community through managing of servers, assigning roles and responsibilities to members, ban lists, dealing with fund-raising, coordinating tournaments, etc take all of the fun out of running a community. There is little profit in building software tools for such a niche of game communities, so there is little industry focus on providing better tools.

OBEK believes that by providing community leaders tools that:

  • Help them manage servers efficiently
  • Reduce costs & raise funds
  • Communicate with their members more effectively

that communities can grow and focus on what really matters. Enjoying game play with one another and challenging one another to rise to a new level!

Thank you for reading and reach out to us on one of our social media platforms for more information or speak with a representative!


Part of the Mad-Duo who started OBEK Technologies.

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