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Game Monitor Beta Release

Hi, everyone!

We at OBEK are proud to announce the beta release our newest product, OBEK Powered Game Monitor! OPGM is a game server monitor and administration tool that allows gamers to search for existing game servers and allows server administrators to remotely oversee their own servers using an adaptive, modern interface.

We will also offer the following unique features in future for server owners that give an edge over the competition, including:

  • Full master server browser support
  • Advanced RCON console support
  • Additional functionality to the console, including selecting players and performing multiple administrative actions on them
  • Crash logs plugin
  • Developer API
  • Sourcebans plugin
  • Cross-platform capabilities

We also offer all of the basic features of HLSW at launch, like remotely viewing detailed server status and sending remote console commands.


The combination of the new features we’re bringing forward and existing features of competing software will give you more flexibility and control over your servers, making owning a community easier and more efficient.

CLICK HERE to download it now!

OPGM is a free tool by OBEK Gaming Tools www.obek.com