About OBEK Gaming Tools

OBEK is a platform bringing new innovative technologies and downright luxurious desktop applications to modern gamers.

OBEK Gaming Tools is an American software-as-a-service and distribution platform for PC gamers and developers. "OBEK" was named after the Mongolian term for “clan”; the official definition “Khanate” which means Empire. The term ‘clan’, also known as 'guild', is widely used among gamers to name the group of which they represent and associate themselves with while playing games together.

"OBEK Tech is.. Clan Tech"

OBEK Technologies, Inc. is a software company incorporated in Delaware, USA with a special interest in creating tools for gamers and gaming communities. Led by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and most importantly--gamers themselves. OBEK plans on changing the gaming landscape by providing unique tools for online multiplayer gaming.